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Every brand deserves to look good



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Every brand deserves to look good

Everything your brand needs

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For the brands that want to start movements; 6-month personalized brand direction and consulting help to build equity in your brand. In simple words; people will know you, like you, trust you, and want to invest in your brand.


This means cohesive messaging, building a solid brand reputation, and taking steps that are calculated and intentional to drive the movement forward. Most importantly, it means building something that can outlive its founder. Build a brand movement so strong that something to believe in; a movement.


If you feel that making decisions for your brand is difficult, you have new ideas but no way to implement them, need a fresh perspective, then for 6 months allow us to be your brand's conscience. No more moves in confusion with your own in-house creative director and brand strategist. 


Your 6 months of support is fully customizable however here are some of the outcomes and what Brand management can include:  

  • Create and provide content ideas for mass communication

  • Oversee brand content publication to ensure consistency 

  • Plan campaigns for launches + upcoming 

  • Work closely with the social media manager to ensure all publications are on the brand / oversee creative direction for content creation

  • Create actionable steps to accomplish brand goals

  • Ensure there is clear messaging across all mediums 

  • Oversee influencer programs 

  • Plan marketing campaigns and roll out plans for services, products, or events

Investment: $5400 or $900/month



A la Carte Creative Direction 


On-set Creative direction support. Assistance on set for direction, posing, and getting "the money shot!": No more overthinking if you struggle with posing or don't know how to communicate your needs to your photographer/ videographer. Having a creative director on set will make you feel at peace while we handle the execution. 

Investment Starting at $1,000

Plan my content day. So you have booked a studio for the day to get content but... you don't know what to grab? 'Plan My Content Day' provides your shot list and scripts to maximize your content day. Up to 20 Pieces of video content mapped for you to grab.

Investment: $349

Custom Creative Direction Request. If you're not sure what you need, but you're sure you need a creative director: you might need something a little special: book your call and let's chat

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who we are

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Why are we the best for the job? 

Image by Augustine Wong
  • How soon can I shoot?
    As soon as possible! The shoot must be 80% paid before shoot if doing a payment plan.
  • What type of work can I use this service for?
    This creative direction service is perfect for new launches, campaigns or rebrands. We have directed commercials as well as photoshoots.
  • Are there payment plans?
    Yes! Each service has a payment plan with a deposit needed to start.
  • When can I start my project?
    As soon as possible! {roject start dates are subjective to each project and
  • Can I customize the brand management and consulting service to fit my specific business needs?
    Yes, our brand management and consulting service is customizable to fit your specific business needs. During the onboarding meeting, we will asses where you are, discuss your goals and objectives then develop a customized plan tailored to your business needs.
  • How often will we meet?
    Clients will have 24/5 chat support through voxer and bi-weekly zoom meetings to asses goals.
  • How do I get started with the brand management and consulting service?
    To get started with our brand management and consulting service, simply fill out the inquiry form to then book a 30 your minute call. During this call, we will discuss your business goals and objectives and determine if our service is the right fit for your needs.
  • Are there payment plans?
    Yes! Each service has a payment plan with a deposit needed to start.
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